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Peerless Watercolor - Large Bonus Pack

This set of 40 watercolors will blow your mind! The paint is dried onto sheets and ready to travel with you anywhere you go. Use a wet brush or travel water brush to pull the vivid colors from the sheets. 

Sheets are 2x6 inches and offer hours and hours of painting possibilities.

The 40 colors include:

Colors included:
Amber Yellow
Cadmium Yellow
Chrome Orange
Chrome Yellow
Daffodil Yellow
Gamboge Yellow
Golden Yellow
Marigold Yellow
Yellow Ochre
Alizarine Red
Arbutis Pink
Blood Red
Jackqueminot Red
Poinsettia Red
Rose Red
Scarlet Lake
Scarlet Vermillion
Tea Rose Pink
Alice Blue
Butterfly Wing Blue
Cobalt Blue
Forget-Me-Not Blue
Peacock Blue
Robin’s Egg Blue
Turquoise Blue
Chrome Green Deep
Grass Green
Hunter’s Green
Mountain Green
Myrtle Green
Olive Green
Viridian Green
Neutral Tint 
Bismark Brown
Burnt Umber
Warm Sepia

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