Write with Joy - Kakimori

Write with Joy - Kakimori

The best things in life are free. 

(Well... mostly. This girl also loves a cappuccino and a beach vacation.)

But there are so many simple joys to everyday living and it's painfully easy to fly by them. I'm constantly moving too fast to notice their subtle shimmer.  I think our phone screens are too bright for the quiet glimmer in our periphery simple joys product.

If you've found this blog, you know what I mean.
Finding a leaf so bright red, you just have to carry it around for awhile.
Receiving a note from a dear friend, who included their new favorite muffin recipe.
A child choosing you to be their new best friend.
Simple. Joyful. Life giving. 

This is blog is the first of many, and I'm quite sure I'll return to this topic often. Creative, intentional living is the heartbeat and purpose behind The Paper Canopy, which is why the Japanese brand Kakimori was such an obvious product choice. Their careful consideration over each detail from materials to packaging drips with intention and thought to create the very best opportunity for you to pick up a pen and create. Or process. Or move through a journal page however best suits you. 

Their heart and mission was too beautiful to paraphrase, so I've copied it here. 

It's a beautiful calling and manifesto. Express yourself! Create something authentic! 

My favorite tools to help you write with joy:

Highly pigmented, gorgeous inks in gorgeous ink wells

Brass dip nib

Tokushima indigo nib holder

Felt tip Color Liner

Cheers to a moment of simply joys.