About The Paper Canopy

A canopy of paper, you say?

The backdrop to my childhood in the Carolinas was lush and green and tree canopies were quite literally everywhere. But after college, my heart's compass pointed west and I spent 11 years in Colorado. Trees were scarce under those cloudless (but stunning) blue skies. Eventually, I began to crave that green, jungly magic that runs wild in the South.

I checked my compass again and that arrow pointed me to Charleston, South Carolina. Lucky me!

The canopy of the South feels claustrophobic to some, but to me, it's a warm green hug. All the good things are here. (I'm currently watching Spanish moss lazily sway in the breeze as I write this!)

I couldn’t build nature’s canopies in Colorado, but I did built quite a few paper canopies. Birthdays and July 4th’s and a random Saturday dinner party would always include pattern and bold colors via paper decorations and waxed linen.

While I love tree canopies, I perhaps love paper even more. Ever inspiring, paper as a medium has endless possibilities. And a canopy of paper was a great substitute for a leafy green one.

So, whatever your paper canopy is that brings color and life and joy into your days, I hope The Paper Canopy inspires you with gorgeous tools and supplies so that you will go and build it. Or paint it. Or write it... you get my drift.

Casey and her beloved paper rack with handmade and hand marbled papers from around the globe!