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DIY Ice Dying Kits

Are you a tie dye lover? Well, let me expand your horizons to ice dyeing! With this adult kit you will learn how to ice dye and create your own one of a kind piece. *Advanced craft kids can work their ice dye magic too!

All you need to provide is some ice, a small plastic bin, & a cookie drying rack.

Kit Includes:
2 Tea Towels - 28" x 28"
3 shaker bottles with 1/2T of Fiber Reactive Procion Dye in 3 different colors
Baggie of 3T of soda ash

Each color scheme is made up of the 3 colors of dye that are included.

It's up to you if you want to use all, just 2, or only 1 of the dye colors. It's all up to you! And there will be plenty left over for you to try it on anything you might have that you want to dye. Just remember, it has to be made of natural fibers like cotton or rayon. Great for all ages but minors will need adult supervision.

Made in United States baby, yea!

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