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Kaweco Collection Fountain Pen - Toyama Teal

The Kaweco Collection introduces new, trending colors and materials to the Kaweco family sporadically. The pens are added to the lineup for one year, so if you see a color you love, snag it quickly before it's discontinued! 

In isolated places in the world, a dreamlike natural spectacle occasionally shows up in the nights of the spring months. In Japan, the coast in the Toyama district - which gives the new Collection variant its unusual name - the water is illuminated by a mystical blue light at this time. The rare and spectacular phenomenon is called bioluminescence and is caused by light-emitting living beings. Especially in Toyama, the spectacle is created on the accumulation of a special species of squid. The thousands upon thousands of points of light that create a captivating spectacle on the sea surface are reflected in the high-quality plastic of the fountain pen. Depending on the light, the pearl green pigments sparkle with varying degrees of intensity. The overall design is perfectly rounded off by the combination with silver elements.
Based on this fascinating effect, the writing instrument is sent in a color-coordinated packaging that is reminiscent of the shimmering waves of water.

Capped, the pen measures 10.5 cm and fits easily in your pocket. Once you put the cap on the back (or post the cap if you want to get geeky), it extends to a comfortable full size pen. 

This fits standard, international size cartridges and a mini converter. 

Color - Toyama Teal with silver details
Material - Plastic
Nib Size - Medium or Fine
Cartridge - 1 blue cartridge included

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