La Vida Local - Part 1

La Vida Local - Part 1

"My soul is peninsula-shaped and sun-hardened and river-swollen. The high tides of the city flood my consciousness each day, subject to the whims and harmonies of full moons rising out of the Atlantic."  - Pat Conroy, South of Broad


Pat Conroy's quote has drifted in and out of my mind regularly after reading it 10 years ago. If you live here or have had the pleasure of visiting Charleston, you the know impact this charming, colorful city has on you. Perhaps you can also envision a river-swollen and peninsula-shaped soul. I'm quite convinced mine looks just like Pat described!

Amongst the many obvious delights of Charleston, South Carolina I am lucky enough to work among some of the hidden treasures of The Holy City (nicknamed many moons ago for its religious tolerance).

I have the pleasure of working many of the local artists that help give Charleston its vibrancy. Our city is literally colorful, to be sure. (As one who is color obsessed, it's one of the reasons I am so happy living here!) However, the artistry of our painters and fiber arts and ceramists and candle makers and jewelers, they breathe in those pastel single homes and the blues of the marsh and shape them into works of art that truly enrich our lives. With local art, you can bring life and something handmade into your sacred spaces at home or gift them to someone you love. It's a reminder of slowing down and the beautiful humanity we all share.

Let's take a peek at some of our local artists, shall we?

Tate Nation isn't just a Charleston treasure. It's safe to say he's a National Treasure! With a sparkle in his eye (and I've seen it myself!) he's worked with the  U.S. Postal Service, Coca-Cola, & Delta to name a few. Tate has an unorthodox style, bringing his bold colors to life with knives, dry brushes and assorted unconventional implements.

Check out his puzzles here and take Tate's cheerful color palette home with you!

Next up is an artist who takes something common, like a candle, and makes it extraordinary! Kendall of Kendall's Kandles brings so much delight into our space with her quirky, recycled candles. 

"I’ve always been an artist of different mediums. After graduating and working in the restaurant scene, I decided to break out my old candle pots and ordered a couple of molds. I did my first pop up at the restaurant I worked at thinking I’d get a couple of orders from my coworkers, but I ended up having such a successful night and I got hooked. I partner with local businesses to reclaim their old, used candles that would otherwise be thrown away. Once I found a way to incorporate recycling and repurposing into my business, I knew I wanted to take it as far as I can. Sustainability is very important to me in my personal life, and being able to turn trash into candles is such a rewarding feeling. I feel so fortunate to be doing what I love in an amazing city with other local businesses who value sustainability."

 The Paper Canopy loves introducing you to our community's artisans and makers. Partnering with small business is our passion, and it makes it that much sweeter when that small business happens to be our neighbor!